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(Series) DIY Hardwood Floor Installation – Planning Ahead

Planning A DIY Hardwood Flooring Installation? Here’s What You Need To Know Difficulty level: High | Time required: 3-5 days (150-250sf a day) In this project DIY hardwood floor installation tutorial, you can review all the considerations and planning that needs to be done in order to do a DIY hardwood floor install. Armed with all the step-by-step’s […]

Hiring a Contractor – What’s important

What’s important when selecting a contractor When you find a contractor there’s so many things going on in your mind; can I trust them in my home, will they take the money and run, how do I know they will do a good job? How quickly do they respond to your call, set up an appointment with […]

Hardwood Floors, DIY or Professional

Hardwood Floors: DIY or Professional installation  Your realtor tells you hardwood floors increase your home’s value.  Your pet-loving neighbor recommends hardwood floors for easy cleaning.  Your DIY friend assures you the installation of natural finish oak floors was a breeze. You’re ready to make the commitment to hardwood floors. Do you do the project yourself […]

Eco-Friendly Flooring Ideas

Today, most people are concerned with choosing flooring that is attractive, durable and affordable. But, the demand for eco-friendly flooring ideas is rising, and these needs are not necessarily mutually exclusive. When it comes to sustainable flooring options, there are quite a few. And some look great, are cost effective and even durable. Here are […]

Acid Stained Concrete Arizona

If you are building a house or just considering a change in flooring, you might be curious about acid stained concrete in Arizona. This type of flooring is found often in commercial buildings, and you might have been impressed with the way it looks. There are many options, from colors to polish sheen to aggregate […]

How-To Make Your Home Senior-Accessible

If you or your parents are 65 or older, there is a 40% chance that you or they will enter an elderly care facility at some point. This means just under half of people who survive past 65 will have to leave their home and move into a new environment. Moving is stressful for anyone, […]

Top Five Most Durable Flooring Options

You may be looking for attractive flooring, or the most durable flooring options for pets and children. You may be looking for scratch resistant, waterproof and easy-to-clean floors. Carpet has its advantages, it’s difficult to clean, traps allergens and dust mites, and stains easily. If carpet isn’t your first choice, one of these five options […]