Custom Walk In Shower Designs for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Deciding to remodel your home is a big task that comes around every 5-10 years. It can be overwhelming choosing your materials and designing your own shower. At Gainey Flooring, we’ll walk you each step of the process from consulting ideas, installation, and after the job is completed.

Consulting with Gainey’s Trusted Custom Shower Contractor

Before the bathroom remodel begins, you’ll talk about your bathroom shower ideas with our experienced contractors that have a great eye for design. From custom shower glass doors, shower enclosures, to converting a bathtub to a walk in shower, no job is too big and we’ll walk you through every aspect to make this a beautiful new upgrade to your home that you’ll enjoy for many years.

Getting An Accurate In Home Quote for Materials Needed

For budgeting purposes, Gainey will give you an estimate on the spot. After measuring the bathroom and shower areas, you’ll get a quote on the installation of your custom shower and the amount of materials to be purchased.

Not sure where to shop? We’ve got multiple stone and tile distributors with great variety and even better pricing!

The shower installation quote includes line items of each step of the process including:

  • remove and discard old tile, or carpet
  • remove and reinstall toilets
  • install transitions
  • deliver product to your home (if purchased from our distributors)
  • most important, floor prep to ensure it’s level
  • and, leveling the tile to prevent cracking.

Start Your Custom Shower Design Project

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