Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation in Scottsdale

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation in ScottsdaleLuxury vinyl has become a popular flooring choice among homeowners because of it’s affordable costs compared to stone, without sacrificing the natural color and surface texture. It’s ideal for home flooring projects that are wanting a better alternative to laminate or regular vinyl.

Continue reading to learn about the differences between luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank and all the advantages this flooring alternative offers.

What is luxury vinyl tile?

Sheet tile has been upgraded with a luxurious vinyl tile that looks like natural stone or ceramic tile. This luxury vinyl flooring has beautiful natural colors and a rugged surface texture that resembles a natural stone.

This surface texture is created with a 3D printing technology that heightens the depth and realism of the tile.

What is luxury vinyl plank?

There’s another hardwood alternative that resembles the natural hardwood color and grain types, the luxury vinyl plank. This plank often includes a grain embossed or scraped texture which add a new level of drama to tile.

Installation for luxury vinyl plank is just as sophisticated as traditional wood planks- including brick fashion, diagonally, off set and more.

Luxury vinyl flooring pros and cons

The pros of luxury vinyl flooring

Homeowners love the easy to clean aspect of luxury vinyl. It is well maintained because of it’s resistance to moisture, scratching, and staining. The durability is very high, making it a great option for bathrooms and kitchens, which would traditionally swell and buckle from moisture.

Luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured which makes it an affordable flooring option, but also gives nearly endless possibilities for colors and patterns.

Another pro is the sound absorption. These tiles are thinner than traditionally tile making it quieter.

The cons of luxury vinyl flooring

The downside of luxury vinyl flooring could be the cost if comparing to a traditional vinyl flooring. This flooring is more closely compared to the prices of a hardwood or ceramic tile floor.

Some homeowners believe the trim and transition pieces do not flow well into other rooms as a natural stone alternative would.

Luxury vinyl tile cost

Luxury vinyl tile can range from a minimum of $2 per square foot to a maximum of $7 per square foot.

Compare it to a traditional vinyl that ranges from a minimum of $.30 per square foot to a maximum of $1 per square foot.

Luxury vinyl installation options

The luxury vinyl tile installation options include glue down or loose lay:

  • Loose Lay- flooring will need to be prepped just as a glue down luxury vinyl tile would be. Loose lay cannot be placed over any surface.
    • Tape Systems
    • Click Lock
    • Floating, adheres to perimeter with glue or tape  
  • Glue Down- this option requires drying time. The flooring will be covered to prevent the floor from moving as the adhesive sets, typically one to three days.
    • Trowel or Roll On Applied
    • Spray Adhesives

Ready to being your remodel?

Starting your next flooring project with Gainey Flooring Solutions is easy, just three steps:

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  2. Starting your project | The project starts with the installation quote, the job costs from floor prep to transitions. If the materials were purchased from our preferred flooring showrooms we’ll deliver your materials.
  3. Project complete | We stand behind our work and offer homeowners a full 2 year warranty.

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